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Welcome to Bliss Creative

Bliss was founded in 2007 with the idea to provide high quality creative services and technical expertise to small and medium sized companies as a virtual agency.

Bliss Creative offers the following services:

  • Creative concepting & brainstorming
  • Creative requirements including creative briefs
  • Market strategy and communications planning
  • Design services for all types of marketing needs
  • Online or offline advertising
  • Copy writing services for web, video and ad copy
  • Technical requirements and planning
  • Production services and management
  • Development for front-end and back-end systems
  • Server environment management

Bliss Creative was founded by Rob Mathea as an alternative to the standard agency model where costs are high and creative output only marginal. Rob has over 15 years experience as a Creative Director where he managed and grew creative teams to produce award winning Interactive work for many Fortune 500 companies. Rob’s background is diverse with analytical skills and right brain thinking which has guided his career from the beginning.